Cavey Adventures

Today, we started the session with an interlude where we all play as my mount, the cave drake. Here’s the soundtrack:

And here’s what it looked like:

Anyway we basically take a walk through the two-legged folk. One of them is in the way, and ends up getting on our back. Turns out it was the Emperor!

Then Cavey is reunited with the party and talking ensues. We set out to rally the troops and tactically retreat to somewhere not near Eldregate. As we go to the spot where Cavey was initially, we see an evil looking dude with an axe. He was one of the ones harassing the cave drake, and is probably the necromancer responsible for the current situation.

So we went and killed him. He had a great big heap of skeletons which, it turns out, was being extruded from the plane of skeletons. We actually saw this as Cavey, but it looks different now.


We got some loot including a ghost dress for the necro-lizard, but nothing for me, and then ended up heading back to the city of Arrentium, to let them know what’s up.

Upon arriving, the guards were on edge so I (or rather, my character, because my player wasn’t there) was sent up the wall to do diplomacy or something. I’m not entirely sure what the plan was, but it boiled down to “this seems like a job for a scout”. Anyway, we found out that Asphodel had been there. Possibly Nyxmantis’ faction, possibly the minotaur’s buddies that don’t like Nyx. We’ll find out!


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