Dominions with roleplaying

I’ve started a new game called AutisticRPGame. The “RP Game” part denotes the main gimmick of this game, which is that we are intended to roleplay it. The “Autistic” bit is an extension of that, to denote that (as with an autistic person) the overall paradigm and the context for what’s favorable or not differ from the usual “win at all costs, war based on realpolitik” games.

Since it’s roleplaying, I want to play as my favorite nation, so I’m AARing EA Agartha again. For gameplay purposes, I’m trying to diversify more, but for roleplay purposes I like Agartha the most anyway. It took me a bit to come up with a pretender. First of all, I considered going with the simple “father of our race rules” situation, with the Ageless Olm as my pretender. My placeholder pretender was simply the Ageless Olm with full scales. But, thinking on it, I decided I don’t actually want to roleplay as my pretender. Rather, I want to roleplay as the Closed Council, the government of Agartha. A pretender makes that hard… Unless it’s a Risen Oracle. Then I get politics. So, politics it is.


I’m happy with this character, who will come onto the stage at some point later. The character is mostly the chassis, of course.

I have big D because Agartha likes that. I’ll probably empower once for the same of utterdark later, unless I can get the Scepter of Dark Regency or another D-boosting artifact later. The E is because it’s cheap and because reinvigoration is always nice on a mage bless. The air is because Agarthan mages can really use the bonus accuracy from the bless, and because as an immortal with big paths, it’s handy to have my pretender able to cast cloud trapeze. The Earth and Air together mean that my pretender can forge staves of elemental mastery, which are pretty great. The D bless is pretty much incidental. If I use Ancient Ones for some reason, it’ll keep them alive a bit longer, and if my Olms wind up in melee, that plus life drain could keep them alive. But neither of those things are likely to play major roles in decisive battles.

Unfortunately, the misfortune means I’m unlikely to get other members of the closed council quickly, but… Oh well. The main effect of that scale mitigable as Agartha since my research mages have Fortune Teller, preventing some bad events. I had to take some bad scales, though I don’t like to, in order to get the right paths and chassis. Sloth, order, and growth are as they are because as Agartha, few of my units are armored anyway, but I need a lot of gold for mages and olms. Magic is there because research matters a lot.
I meant to also take Heat. Heat would have been a good bad scale to take, since although it worsens supply and income, it helps insulate my pale ones against penalties due to Cold Blooded, it melts rivers (making them impassable to units who aren’t amphibious, but not impacting me) and thaws mountain passes (making them available to me, since none of my units can fly and thus wouldn’t be able to pass them when frozen). Cold would be better for my pretender, since it has a chill aura, but oh well. An immortal undead with fear is good enough to do a lot of SC stuff without that one extra thing. Hell, it’s good enough to do a lot of SC stuff without even any gear, since it’s immortal anyway. Unfortunately, I didn’t take Heat, since I forgot to click on it and, in a slight rush, completed and submitted my pretender without realizing this. This actually turned out to be a significant problem later, because it means that the mountains in my dominion are only traversable in the summer.

After this first post, I’ll be posting in-character, with ooc blurbs only when discussing things that I can’t find a way to make any sense of IC. Let’s see if people like that.

Cast of Characters

The foreign nations will supply their own characters, and normal commanders may become important characters later, but from the beginning, I’ll be referring to my pretender and Agartha’s hero units as characters. Agartha is lead by the Closed Council, a group of ancient and powerful oracles lead by Ogon the Earth-blooded. The exact details of this aren’t clear, but all five of EA Agartha’s heroes are on it. I’m going to make the assumption that these five (plus my pretender) are the only ones on it. Here are the four long-time members:


The last member is new, and is an Olm. I portray him as generally a retiring fellow at the beginning and he doesn’t show up much.


Besides being an olm, he is mostly notable for being the only named character in Agartha whose name fits the format of the nation’s random names.

Finally, there are also two heroes in MA who imply the presence of a character in EA.


Kin-Breaker is represented in-game by my first prophet who I name Ontog, Kin to Ogon. Olog, because I don’t really want to write about his nay-saying much, isn’t mentioned at this point.

I’m going to make assumptions about the individual personalities and roles of these individuals, for narrative purposes. I will endeavor not to conflict with established canon, but I won’t hesitate to add to it.


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