This blog exists to host my viewpoint as an AAR, in a couple multiplayer playthroughs of Dominions 4. When playing, I make a post every Sunday at 11:00 GMT with my turns from the week.

Big Blog Club,

This is the first AAR I ever did. I play as Agartha in a game where the sole gimmick is that we blog about it.

My posts for this game are categorized here. The discussion thread for the game as a whole is on Desura, as are links to the blogs of other participating nations.


This is the second AAR I ever did. The gimmick is that the map is huge and unbalanced. My posts for this game are categorized here.


This game uses a mod to create randomly generated nations. My posts for this game are categorized here.


In this game, I play as Marverni, underpowered underdogs with astral magic and piggies. There’s no real gimmick to this game besides being played very fast – multiple turns per day. My posts for this game are categorized here.

Autistic RP Game

In this game I once more play as Agartha, in a game where we are challenged to roleplay as parts of our nation and remain in-character in diplomacy. I further remain in character for this AAR, though I don’t always go super deeply into character. Because of lack of time and energy, as well as a desire to keep some sort of coherent narrative, many turns are omitted in this case. My posts for this game are categorized here.

Dungeons and Dragons

Besides the game of Dominions itself, I also play in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign set in the world of Dominions, as the early age transitions into the late age. These posts are made sporadically, with no particular schedule, and tend to be relatively short and unillustrated, but are continued nonetheless, in accordance with requests. They are categorized here.

Tip Jar

This website isn’t really for making money, but if you’d like to send some my way, it’s appreciated. Right now the only method I’ve set up is PayPal.


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