Chasing Nyxmantis

The city was full of death and weirdness. There was an indefinite fight going on in the Colosseum, but we didn’t know how to deal with that so we just left it. Some other things happened, and we saw the zombie of our previous elf comrade, but he wasn’t really attacking anything so we left him too. In the end, we went to hunt Nyxmantis. This time, we actually had a plan! My plan, actually. We’ve got a cart with a ballista on it, and the ballista has a chain attached to the bolt. Then everyone who looks suspicious gets in the cart with the ballista, under a tarp, while the humans drive it. We planned to get ambushed by Nyxmantis. Unfortunately, we got anbushed by a different centaur instead. So we bullied him into joining up with us and he became the gunner for our ballista. Somewhere along the line, Nyxmantis was tipped off that we were coming for him, and we fought a swarm of beetles and a big snail during the chase. We ended up cornering him in a cave, where we had an epic final battle. Here’s an artist’s rendition:


There were some satyrs, but we killed a few and the rest (apart from the berserkers) surrendered when Nyx went down. One of them sat on an animated skull, which turned out to be explosive. Then it turned out there were a bunch of them, so we left at great haste. Luckily the cart was still there and Nyxmantis was still chained to it. Unluckily, Behesh chose this time to muck about with necromancy, which caused vines to root Nyx’s body to the ground and other viney undead to appear. Turns out Nyx had other necromantic problems set up for us. I pushed the vinedog off of the cart, though, so that solved one problem. Behesh monologued at the dead Nyxmantis, which didn’t solve any problems. In the end we got away and there was a big necro-explosion that blew out the whole damn gully.

That turned out to be a giant temple made of bones, which we looked into briefly. It was very scary, and may or may not have been the Eater of the Dead, so we came up with a harebrained scheme to blow it up by filling our cart with pine tar and lumber and crashing that into the temple. Long story short, we did that and it didn’t die, so we ran. And thus ends the first season of D&D&D.


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