A Rising God

Late Spring in the Fourth Year of the Ascension Wars

Arcosephale has fallen.
They tried to escape their fate by entering the Caverns of Gold, and caused trouble for the earth reader working there, but an army lead by Caveborn quickly drove them out again. The humans of Marverni seized the homeland of Arcosephale, though there are still some who answer to the pretender Euphileia, dwelling under the nearby inland sea.

Black Opal, meanwhile, has lead her army to claim a great prize.
god-led It is lead by her not figuratively, but in truth, for she has conquered death and thus does not fear it.
The undead are subject to evocation before battle lines are joined, but of course they were never the truly dangerous entity here. Llamashtu the sphinx dives into battle after only a relatively few spells, but this proves foolish, for although she uses magic to become invulnerable to weapons, she soon becomes the target of the olms. And no invulnerability is total. Chipping away at her flesh is a long process, but there are many pale ones to do it. Eventually, however, the olms tire of waiting and advance. Their life drain bypasses the unvulnerability, and the sphinx is killed quickly.
In the end, our magical dominance was so great that casualties were minimal.


However, since then, Black Opal has been somewhat foiled. The throne was guarded not only by powerful magic, but by elemental wards.


It is possible that someone as great and powerful could subvert the magic, or simply brush it aside. But there is value that could be had by dismantling it manually. However, there is no adequately powerful fire mage to be had. Black Opal herself holds the power of air, there are good water mages from Scraw Pointe, that fort taken from humans to the north, and of course all Agarthan mages are well versed in the magic of Earth. But in order to procure a fire mage, Black Opal has sent a request back to the capital for the presence of an Oracle of Subterranean Flame.

Thus writes Halfface, Official Historical Engraver to the Closed Council and First Underlackey to Chiselword, He Who Takes The Minutes.

Summer in the Fourth Year of the Ascension Wars

Black Opal’s summons has been answered, and an Oracle of the Subterranean Fires makes his way to join her. She is gaining increased support in the capital. Her return from death demonstrated her power and Obsidian Eye has confirmed that she is a valid candidate for Pantokrator. Very few Agarthans were happy with the actions of the previous pantokrator, which resulted in many Pale One deaths, and all find it preferable that one of our own holds the mantle next, rather than some strange foreigner. There are even those who feel that Black Opal’s divine prominence should put her ahead of Ogon as the head of the Closed Council. Certainly, Ogon’s war on the surface was stalled before Black Opal joined it. Even now, as she attempts to undo the wards on the Throne of Elements, she has sent her army north, to take a throne from Hinnom. Moss Agate, who has taken up the mantle of Diplomat, hurriedly rushes to smooth things over, while Obsidian Eye visits the demons of Yomi, hoping to arrive at a deal for the nearby cave before Black Opal takes it by force. Ogon and Deepthought are in the Caverns of Gold to the east, building new infrastructure and a great fortress there, in the hopes that it may one day form a second great realm, near as great, perhaps, as Agartha itself. However this endeavor goes slowly, compared to Black Opal’s actions in the north.

Here are laid out those messages convened from Moss Agate to Hinnom and from Obsidian Eye to Yomi. Firstly for Hinnom:
Then, for Yomi:

These messages will hopefully allow us to go to war with only one of our northern neighbors regardless of what actions are taken by the northern army under Black Opal’s control. The war between the two likely makes them eager to have us as an ally rather than enemy, and so we may well go largely unchallenged. The war seems fierce, according to a tale recounted to us:


Thus writes Halfface, Official Historical Engraver to the Closed Council and First Underlackey to Chiselword, He Who Takes The Minutes.

Early Fall in the Fourth Year of the Ascension Wars

We received a somewhat inarticulate messenger from Hinnom, assuring us that they approve of the notion that we bring war to Yomi. While Yomi has yet to respond, the norther army, which has been cut off by the freezing pass from Agarthan heartlands, has begun their march to conquer the caves Yomi currently holds. Perhaps this incident will be one that can be smoothed over, but it is unlikely. While a force evaluation indicates that Hinnom would be more easily conquered, Yomi is the more dangerous opponent in Black Opal’s quest to become Pantokrator. Yomi not only holds a greater territory, but the pretender Asano Naganori has claimed three thrones of ascension already, while Black Opal has yet to remove the wards from one. Worse, he has burrowed deep into the earth and drank of the Earth’s blood. The essence of the Earth is rightfully Agartha’s, and allowing this transgression ill becomes one who would be God.

Thus writes Halfface, Official Historical Engraver to the Closed Council and First Underlackey to Chiselword, He Who Takes The Minutes.

Fall in the Fourth Year of the Ascension Wars

A further messenger from Hinnom has arrived, asking that we leave them their provinces which they lost to Yomi during the war. Unfortunately for Hinnom, one of those provinces is essential for us, and Black Opal’s Northern Army has little inclination to respect the wishes of the Avvim anyway.


Ogon has outlined a set of strategic priorities for this conquest.


Zone one consists of provinces that are crucial to our plans. The caves, two of which have already been seized, are the real prizes, for they are breeding grounds for the olms and will be commercial centers for the pale ones. The province in between is, as mentioned in the message to Hinnom, essential for logistical purposes. Our troops need it to move between the two cave systems. The throne to the north is an addition that Black Opal has insisted upon, and will bring her closer to true divinity. Asano Naganori, the serpent who controls the Oni, sits upon three thrones currently, and we have no way of knowing which of those three this is. However, if it is the throne of summer, Black Opal will be able to use it to melt the ice which chokes the mountain passes and to keep us warm in the winter. Even if this is not the case, it will boost her power somewhat.
All provinces in the first zone are to be secured and fortified post-haste.

The second zone is, naturally, of secondary importance. There is another throne there, but it is less easily defensible. If possible, it and the intervening land will be seized. However, this is likely to be contested by the Vanir, who lie between us and that throne. Should this be the case, the throne will be ignored until one way or another the war with Yomi is ended.
The lake is not of crucial importance, however those three provinces, being underwater, are not hospitable to most races of the world. If they are held by Agartha, they will generate wealth without requiring a significant investment in their defense. Those two provinces the the west of zone one are the ones claimed by Hinnom. There is little to be lost in annoying him by taking them first, if his forces prove slothful, however seizing these provinces while actively under his control might make a simultaneous war with Hinnom and Yomi inevitable. That is not desirable.

Zone 3 is not particularly important. These lands will be taken if convenient, however should Asano Naganori desire peace before annihilation, those lands might be left under Oni control. Should the Avvim fight well and efficiently, those lands will go to them, as that is the area which their troops will enter long before ours. And should a fourth party become involved to the north, they would be welcome to those lands as well.

Thus writes Halfface, Official Historical Engraver to the Closed Council and First Underlackey to Chiselword, He Who Takes The Minutes.

Late Fall in the Fourth Year of the Ascension Wars


The Vanir have declared war on our enemies, the Oni. Ordinarily, an ally attacking our enemies would be a cause for mild celebration. However, The warriors of Jörmungandr have immediately delved into one of our top-priority provinces. This is, of course, unacceptable. The province will be taken. However, fighting two nations at once remains unwieldy. Moss Agate is deployed once more to attempt to gain the province diplomatically and thereby reduce the number of simultaneous wars we must fight.


Should war break out with Vanheim, it will be necessary to engage them on two fronts.


The Caverns of Gold are newly fortified, and just in time, for they will form the primary staging ground in the east. Unfortunately, their garrison was redirected southward to deal with barbarian rebels near Agartha proper. They will be stronger for it, for there are significant reinforcements waiting in Agartha to meet them, including many olms, but it will take time to return to the the Caverns of Gold. Thus, diplomatic delay is necessary.

In the north, there is an excellent army ready to face the enemy, however there is just one such army. Advancing now will leave Chilad vulnerable to assault from the bakemono to the north. Colonists have already been encouraged to take up residence, but it will be some time before any are ready for military endeavors. In the meanwhile, a commander by the name of Gemfinger is given several pale one warriors to guard the province while the majority of the northern army proceeds onward.
This spending has used a massive amount of gold, not least of it spent in enticing olms to appear for military service, and as such it is not possible to immediately begin the fortification of Chilad, or Gemfinger would be obliged to oversee this task as well. As it is, his role is merely that of a guardian.

Thus writes Halfface, Official Historical Engraver to the Closed Council and First Underlackey to Chiselword, He Who Takes The Minutes.


h3>OOC note

Yomi has staled twice, so I’m redirecting my war effort to let him take care of whatever life situation he’s got going on and come back. Although I do want that cave, I wouldn’t want it nearly enough to avoidably war with two nations at once otherwise. If he does show up before I’m properly at war with Vanheim, well, I’ll just go back to war with Yomi after all.


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