Broken Momentum

Early Spring in Year Three of the Ascension Wars

In the time intervening since I last wrote, our armies have many times fought and lost against powerful armies guarding thrones. The worst case occurred when we finally won a much-contest throne, only to be immediately overcome and annihilated by the poetic and rather terrifying giants of Niefelheim. Our empire has grown little, but the same cannot be said for our enemies.


Only the mountains to the north prevent our encirclement, yet they are scarcely more passable to us than to our enemies. What’s more, many nations have already claimed thrones of ascension, allowing them greater prominence over this world.


Though our Ogon’s conquest of the surface has been halted by hunger for thrones, the other members of the council are more successful. Moss Agate’s scouting network has extended, and we were able to watch the hairy human beings of Mictlan conquered by the even hairier enkidu beings of Ur, and their newly started war with the dead humans of Therodos. We have watched Abyssia in their conquest of Ermor, which has been joined by beings even hairier than the enkidu from the nation of Kailasa. Disgusting hair is truly an epidemic of the surface, and there has been some talk of requiring those humans in our lands to shave it off, which is an ability that humans have had for a long time, apparently, but generally choose not to exercise.

A new player has appeared, as well.
While his strange countenance disturbs some, he has offered a great service, as he claims knowledge of the nature of magical gems. He has set out to search for them, and while he has had little success, his ideas merited investment in the training of mages among our conquered people. These mages are coldblooded and not hairy, and they have magics known only to Moss Agate, who has studied the surface, and some unknown even to her.


Thus, the income in those magical gems which accrue in Agartha has been boosted by outside sources.

Thus writes Halfface, Official Historical Engraver to the Closed Council and First Underlackey to Chiselword, He Who Takes The Minutes.

Spring in Year Three of the Ascension Wars

It seems that one of the pretenders to the thrones of ascension is fertile and hopes to breed with another. Truly our spies are skilled.


The potential ramifications of this interaction are not yet clear. Not to us, and probably not to anyone involved either.

In domestic news, a foreign being has pledged his voice to our support. He is skilled in the previously unknown magic of the lizard people, called Astral, and he is an ethereal being from among the stars. His race is unknown, but from beneath his cowl comes occasional mutterings of “Benis :DDD”.


As he is by far our most skilled mage in the magic he specializes in, he has been put in charge of it.

Thus writes Halfface, Official Historical Engraver to the Closed Council and First Underlackey to Chiselword, He Who Takes The Minutes.

Early Summer in the Third Year of the Ascension Wars

Marverni wants to trade.
Unfortunately, we are not a nation rich in nature gems. Furthermore, Moss Agate has informed the Council that the humans of Marverni worship boars, which they can produce in great numbers through use of few nature gems, and it would not be advisable for us to facilitate this. Nonetheless, the Council has elected to respond in a friendly fashion.

Thus writes Halfface, Official Historical Engraver to the Closed Council and First Underlackey to Chiselword, He Who Takes The Minutes.

Summer in the Third Year of the Ascension Wars

Misfortune plagues us.


Human insurrectionists have taken a mountain province that we previously pacified, one adjacent to Agartha proper. This is an annoyance that can be dealt with. More significantly, the mountains which we had thought isolated to claim at our leisure have become the prey of the Avvim. Obsidian Eye’s divinations reveal these to be beings the size of a young Agarthan. Their chariots are formidable, and they are using them to overrun the humans who previously held the lands to our north. As we’ve elected not to fight any of our other immediate neighbors in the near future, these avvim may become our most formidable foes yet.

Thus writes Halfface, Official Historical Engraver to the Closed Council and First Underlackey to Chiselword, He Who Takes The Minutes.

Early Autumn in the Third Year of the Ascension Wars

Marverni remains friendly.

One of our scouts witnessed something truly horrifying.
Luckily this is far from us and therefore not a big deal, but reports of the wretched things in this world have titillated the capital.

On the military front, the Birman Highs were recovered without any significant issue. The army deployed to the Caverns of Gold also reached their destination.


There are many troops, but relatively few olms. However, they are supported by two oracles of the dead, and it is Ontog himself who leads this army. Their strength is not to be underestimated. They face off against the unfrozen, who appear to have been skilled warriors in life, and remain so in death. Though they are fewer, each is more than a match for a pale one infantryman, and as before they have a great warrior of their own leading them and a mage to back them up.


Our magical might is greater. Their mage enhances the defense of his troops and brings about zombies, while Ontog uses the holy power bestowed unto him by the deceased Black Opal to castigate these undead. The two oracles call upon the powers of the earth to strengthen themselves and then to destroy the armor of the enemy and open up the maws of the earth to consume them.


The enemy have already suffered grave disadvantage by the time our lines meet, as it should be.


The melee progresses without major issue, as all mages call upon divine power to banish the enemy forces and our troops call upon their spears to dismantle the enemy. Though their are casualties, we push the line forward. The enemy are separated and out numbered due to the maws of the earth and the paralyzing effect of the olms, both of which allow only a few to fight our lines at a time and therefore cause them to be constantly outnumbered in every fight.

In the end, we have won the kind of victory that every well-planned battled should be.


There are those who will deny us such a victory, however.


Ogon, who was filled with pride at this victory, refuses to consider such a claim. Deepthought, who is glad to finally achieve the new breeding grounds that he promised his kin would be the fruit of this war, could not consider it even if he wanted to. Lapis is enraged by the affront to our authority. Though Moss Agate and Obsidian Eye are less incensed, they nonetheless see no merit to respecting the wishes of these humans. Obsidian Eye cautions that they are backed by a pretender god, who likely gives a substantial blessing to their most elite units, but it is judged that we would be able to defeat them through superior magic, if need be. It seems that the Avvim may not be our first large enemy after all.

There is another concern, however.


Hinnom, land of the Avvim, is beset by the demons of Yomi. This divided attention would make them easier to assault. Though this point is floated in the Council, Vanheim’s attention seems undivided and so if they choose to back up their bluster will be more inclined to attack us if we are caught in another war, which will leave us vulnerable. As this nation is large enough to give us pause, they may have a sizable advantage against us when our attention is divided.

However, Hinnom holds at least two caves, and if they are conquered by the demons of Yomi (who, like us, see fine in the dark) those caves will become far more difficult to seize. If Vanheim is distracted somehow, we may have time to claim the caves, and if Yomi is largely victorious against Hinnom, seizing those two caves early may allow us to hold them indefinitely. Further, if Hinnom is losing this war, they may take a claim of but two provinces to be magnanimous and acceptable, as well they should.

In fact, it seems that they are indeed losing. The message they sent implies as much, for otherwise they would claim all of Yomi’s land rather than beseech the the world for aid. What’s more, the chariots that previously besieged the province of Scraw Point have now left it, moving to deal (presumably) with the demon threat. The army which claimed the Gold Cave, thus, is advancing to claim that land now, before some other nation does. Hinnom will not, or they’d not have left it in the first place, and Vanheim likely has no army near enough, leaving us free to claim it if we do so quickly. Doing so is a great boon not only because we gain the fortress, but because it provides a motive for leaving a large army near enemy borders while a commander brings more earth gems to the mages, who will need them to open the maws of the earth in battle.

Here is presented the current state of our borders:


Thus writes Halfface, Official Historical Engraver to the Closed Council and First Underlackey to Chiselword, He Who Takes The Minutes.

An Intercepted Message


The onset of Winter in the Third Year of the Ascension Wars

A truly magnificent event has occurred.


Black Opal, who was dead, is dead no longer. She claims that her spirit journeyed through the cracks in the seal, attained divine power, and returned to her body and to Agartha. Certainly, her power is great, and Obsidian Eye has testified to the existence of other pretender gods. She is reinstated as a member of the Closed Council, but chooses to leave the capital in support of our troops. This choice is a surprise to the other council members, though Moss Agate finds it understandable.

Vanheim may hope to provoke us with the long windedness of this messenger.
We will chastise him for it by returning his verbosity with silence.

Thus writes Halfface, Official Historical Engraver to the Closed Council and First Underlackey to Chiselword, He Who Takes The Minutes.

Late Winter in the Third Year of the Ascension Wars

Ur has sent us a message.


It would have been nice to take the land which they claimed, but it’s not worth contesting at this point, with caves to fight over. It’s a bit worrying only because Ur is large.


The snake to the north is drinking the blood of the Earth below us. Obsidian Eye warns that this cannot be allowed to continue long, however there are practical concerns to any immediate solution, as Yomi is far from our only neighbor and is also significantly larger than the current surface holdings of Agartha.


These two large neighbors, so large that they border each other in the far distance, are a source of concern, but the Closed Council pays it little heed now.

Thus writes Halfface, Official Historical Engraver to the Closed Council and First Underlackey to Chiselword, He Who Takes The Minutes.


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