Turn Twenty

It is now time for the second battle to secure my borders and a throne.
My army is smaller this time, but that’s okay because their army is even more greatly diminished.

Without further ado, let’s begin.
The increased pressure makes Ofagion go straight to defending his own hide with Raise Dead. That’ll be annoying but it’s not dangerous to my sacreds like shadow blast is. Too bad he gets a shadow blast off right after I took this screen. The cavalry do take a shock wave, which is pretty rough on their HP but doesn’t kill any.
The cavalry are showing losses against the heavy infantry, but by tying them up, they allowed my boar warriors and javelineers to reach the archers, who suffer huge casualties and promptly flee. I had a H1 priest in this battle because I didn’t need him for making temples for the moment. He gets rid of like half of the undead that Ofagion summoned using Banishment, so that’s nice. Ofagion was badly wounded by blood vengeance and goes down to a stray javelin. A moment later, Zece the Wizard flees, and then the heavy infantry follow.
I lost all of my cavalry, which makes sense since they were pretty much on a suicide mission. I lost the barbarian chief, which isn’t a bad thing since I don’t need him for anything and it saves me a bit of upkeep. Lost only one javelineer, which is a bit surprising since they’re fragile. And I lost half of my boar warriors, which is annoying and is mostly because of the shadow blast. Let’s see the throne I got:
the-throne-of-lifeThis is pretty handy. Two N per turn is one boar of the Carnutes every 2.3 turns. And that’s before doing any site searching, throne provinces are usually quite profitable in that regard. The Growth scale doesn’t do anything since I’m maxed already, but it does mean that in the future, I’ll be able to take a death throne without penalty. Since I have another unclaimed throne province in my lands, that might matter, though looking at the throne list, the only aplicable one in this game is the Throne of Autumn.

In other news, I’ve completed Conjuration 5, which will allow me to summon Carnutes. Unfortunately, I didn’t plan ahead well enough, and as a result I don’t have a mage sitting ready to cast it yet. I’m working on it, but for now all I can do is be annoyed at myself and commence work on Evocation. Actually, since I had some extra research last turn, I already hit level 2 in Evocation, and will hit level three next turn. Having a lot of research points is nice.

Caelum, it seems, is being sieged not only by Fomoria but by Niefelheim. Interesting! And unfortunate. Natural allies, and all. Speaking of natural allies,
I’m being proactive about diplomacy for once!

Turn Twenty-One

Caelum responded to my offer of trade by complaining to me of how poorly treated he is.

My druid got some nice randoms, but not the ones I need.
He’s going to be able to site search well, so I guess that’s his job for now. He’ll also be a great combat mage, but I’m waiting just a touch longer on that since, you know, pigs. Once I do, I might actually go for Niefelheim first, since I have good options for dealing with them and I have a deal with Fomoria. Not that he won’t break it, but I have no deal with anyone else.

Turn Twenty-Two

Well, my diplomacy has paid off.
Apparently Yomi has attacked Caelum as well, which has induced him to give up and send me a death basket! It’s a pretty decent haul for this point in the game.
The nature gems are 4.5 Carnutes, the owl quills are 36 research per turn, and the other stuff will probably be good for something, though I don’t yet know what.

It’s also only two turns until I hit my research target. Unfortunately, my recruitment isn’t up to par, I need more elder druids and boars. Still, it’s a good time to start thinking about whether to war with Fomoria or Niefelheim. The latter is probably the safer bet, since Fomoria is getting pretty huge. Best bet might be to get that early conquest out of the way then see if I can’t get Yomi and Helheim to gang up on Fomoria with me.

Oh, I took Worshin this turn by the way. Just gonna stock up on boar warriors, since I can, and then take the second throne.’

Turn Twenty-Three

I got a very neutral response back from Yomi, but at least he’s being honest. I considered sending him a message about a possible attack on Niefelheim, but I want to be ready to move quickly when it happens and get land, rather than leave it all to him.

My elder druid this turn is also not able to cast Carnutes, so I’m now recruiting Gutuaters in all lab/castles. Besides increasing my chances of getting the 1N1E I need, it’s more likely to give me 2N which I want for site-searching, and there’s also the chance of getting a splash of W, which I only have on randoms but that’s worth searching too if I get it. The 1N1S will probably just work like more expensive Sequani, but oh well.

Turn Twenty-Four

Yomi staled today. He said he’d be away starting Tuesday, but it’s Monday. Well, I can’t attack him now, it would be crass and ungentlemanly. But I wasn’t going to anyway. More importantly, I can’t rely on him as an ally until Thursdayish.

Oh, and I took the final throne province.
That bless isn’t a huge deal but three hit points times a thousand boars is still a lot of hit points. I’ll be taking it, despite the fact that I’ll then be the only one with two thrones claimed.

Meanwhile, I’m working on building up a cadre of boar summoners still, but I did get one viable Gutuater (and two of the least useful combination, 1N1S) so at least something’s happening there now.

I also completed level five Evocation research, so I’m ready to fight on that front. Just waiting on boars, though I don’t truly need them to get started. I also want to site-search at least my thrones thoroughly before setting out.

Here’s what the map looks like now, by the way.

Turn Twenty-Five

Caelum has continued to feed me gems and gold. Not for much longer though, this turn he lost his capitol.

I got my first Carnutes, finally.
carnuteIsn’t he pretty? Well, he may not look like much for a Conjuration 5 summon, but that domsummon is the big deal. I got another Carnute summoner this turn, but it seems that the game is determined to give me mostly the nigh-useless N1S1 Gutuaters.

Next turn I’ll reach Construction 4, which will unlock boosters for astral, earth, and nature. Astral and earth won’t actually do that much for me, since I’ve already got good casters in both of those, but it’ll reduce fatigue costs and let me expand some of the toppest spells to more elder druids. Nature, if I ever get a N2 Gutuater, will allow one to be N3 and cast Howl, which is a nice supplement to my existing tactics. It also unlocks some rituals, but not any that I’d rather cast than more Carnutes.

Turn Twenty-Six

Time for war is soon. I have three carnutes now. I want more, but this is enough to start thinking about the offensive. One more turn of research and summoning, then, and I’ll begin movement. It’ll take a few turns, actually, to do it. Two turns to get my army into the province to attack from, then one more to launch the initial attack, and then two more to reach the capital. While there, I’ll need armies taking surrounding provinces or my other rivals will take them.

Turn Twenty-Seven

I’m moving into the central province first, in part because some slow mages need to in order to get where they’re going, and sending everything there is misleading to the enemy.


Turn Twenty-Eight

Moving them all to Lithia…

Turn Twenty-Nine

Okay, time to invade.

He’s placed down a fort and on the border and just completed it. That’s a huge problem because I have a ton of units to siege it down quickly, but even in the best-case scenario it turns my three-month march on his capital into a four month march since I need to take that. He also took a throne province right next to Yomi which is a problem because seizing it specifically (and doing so before Yomi) would seem a bit dickish on my part. However, if I take enough of Niefelheim’s lands, there’s that and two other thrones he border which between them are all but guaranteed to win me the game. One of them has a ton of stuff including the Great Mother (pretender chassis) which means it’s the level three throne. So that and a level two will bring me to the necessary eight victory points, as will that and two level ones. That’s the future though, for now, I need to get the invasion going.

Well, the program crashed just after finishing tons of scripting. It was my own fault for mucking about with graphics drivers while playing, but it’s still frustrating. Anyways, I did it twice. Now, I’ll give Yomi the courtesy note that I’m going to war with his neighbor, as I suggested that I would, and then there’s only one thing left.


2 comments on “Diplomacy!

    • It would have killed faster and therefore resulted in less piggy casualties, but it would have required massive communions that probably would have included occasional fatigue casualties on my side, and those would be mage casualties.


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