NEETONLY Game Overview

The gimmick of this game is speed. Turn timers are at 16 hours, so a turn never takes longer than that, but it’s encouraged to go as quickly as reasonably possible and in practice we often do three turns in a single day. Because of that, I’m doing two updates per week for this game, and can do so without relying on disappointingly short updates or needlessly inflated ponderings. Well, this update is a bit on the lackluster side, but this is before the game actually commences.

The game is, as most are, a throne victory. We have mostly low-level thrones, as it’s a fairly small game.

There are six players in this game, a relatively cozy size as befits a game targeted and those who need not work and who instead cultivate the simple pleasures of life.

The map is called Big Black Peaks, and is sized more or less appropriately, with just over fourteen provinces per player. It has wraparound in both directions.

We’re using Worthy Heroes 5.5, which adds new hero units to nations that, per vanilla, are lacking in this regard, and summod 0.68a, a balance mod which mostly makes a considerable number of very minor changes to costs and stats with the goal of making every unit, spell, and item useful in some situation. Both of these mods have little impact on playstyle, and the most impacted is Yomi, since Yomi units are generally expensive and not that great.


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