So, on a whim I’m joining a new game. Not Agartha this time, I can’t do the same nation forever. I mean, I could, but it negatively impacts the development of my skill at the game. So I’m going for a nation that I’ve only really tried once before, in a meme game. Marverni. Marverni has sacred boars which can trample, and are spammable but take a long time to build up critical mass. They’re also not that great in terms of base stats. The only thing that makes them potentially worth it is that they have an upgraded form which summons more of them in your dominion. Free is a good price. Oh, and their HP and strength are good, and their attack is decent, though they won’t use it against humans since they’re size 3 tramplers.

The other thing that Marverni has going on is cheap S1 casters, which allow for easy communions (with a pretty good master, at E2S2 with two 100% randoms) and also for Stellar Cascades spam, when buffed up by the Light of the Northern Star.

For the pretender I was pretty torn on whether or not to take a N9 bless, not just for the bless but for breaking into high level N spells, since there’s not really another big N player in the game. But I can use construction to get pretty high anyway, so if I’m fast it should be fine. I also considered going full scales, with the Thrice Horned Boar, who is very cheap (60 pretender points). In the end though, I went with a B9 bless and still pretty good scales. That imposes a harsh cost on a lot of stuff that could counter boars, and most of what could still do it (fire arrows) is pretty vulnerable to stellar cascade spam. The cost is that it precludes my vision of a massive wave or boars that don’t die and run over all human-sized things, but boars are cheap. It’s fine if some die. The other cost is that my dominion strength is kind of low. That’s a bigger problem, because it means I’ll need to invest more gold in temples. And my main mages are the elder druid (cap only, so he already has a temple) and the Sequani Stargazers (which don’t need one) meaning that otherwise I wouldn’t have to spend hardly any dosh there. Worse, though, it decreases the amount of boars I’ll get per boar of the Carnutes. But I think it’s worth it, and it also has the unplanned benefit that my Boar Warriors, useful for expansion, can punch through even the stronger indies.


The gimmick of this game is that it goes fast, with only sixteen hours allowed per turn and a recommendation to complete turns as fast as possible. It grew out of friction between people wanting turns quickly so they could play the game, and other people complaining that their work schedules don’t allow for that kind of speed. Some communities sort for that kind of thing as a matter of course, but the community I usually play with has a pretty homogenous set of default settings, including 24 hour turn timers early in the game, and when people do things differently it’s an exception which characterizes the game as special. Games with such exception aren’t really rare, but it’s rare that they deviate in more than one or two things.

As for me, I’m not a NEET, but I have good blocks of free time throughout my day now that the summer is over, and so I’m able to match this schedule. Although sixteen hours is just the maximum: Everyone was done in six for the first turn, except for one guy who staled, and resulted in the game being restarted. I’m glad it restarted though, because this was my start:
Two land connections would have given me pretty poor capital production, which is something I’m already pretty short on.


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