Attack of the Dead

Some zombies attacked, and we killed them. For this fight, Lambert actually used Minion rules, and we the players actually used a little bit of tactical thought, in that we got our squishy mages protected by more defensive troops on the front lines, and so the fight went well.

After that, we rushed to the main command tent to help out, and there was a lictor. In the ensuing fight, I remembered that I had a fancy bull hat and edited my sprite accordingly.

Over the course of the fight, the acolytes that were milling about get killed and immediately become undead, but they’re a minor distraction from our attempts to beat up the lictor. We employ actual strategy, staying in formation, meaning that I (the Defender) and Mangod (the Leader) actually get to use our abilities a bunch. The battlefield turned into an unintelligible mess of auras, zones, and bonii.

At the end of the battle, we leveled up. Since I have a lot of things that slow my enemies, I took a feat called Vicious Advantage, which grants me combat advantage (+2 Attack) against slowed or immobilized targets. That should do a lot to help me land hits, so now I just need some more big damage and other effects.


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