Some things happened

This blog now back by request. In the time which passed since I last wrote a post, we traveled from Arrentium to a legion camp. Along the way, we were harassed by Nixmantis and some forest beings. We met a dryad who is his sister or something, and she gave us a lore dump about how her parents were killed and there was a schism so now they’re asphodel. During this time period we were also less consistent about everyone being present (probably because half the group is in university, so schedules change more in summer). Perhaps because of this, Behesh got up to some private one-on-one action with the DM, and anyway we found him naked in a vortex of necromancy and had to rescue him and somehow find his pants.

Anyway, we got to the imperial camp. The Emperor was all gung-ho to take his legion and get reinforcements from Arrentium then attack Eldergate. We were like “nah” because he would definitely lose that fight, so he got all sad. Then the marginally responsible people (Cadeyrn the insane corpse-burner and Egalitus the sergeant) talked about cool stuff to do, while I went and found an underground skeleton boxing arena with soldiers betting. Unfortunately, I ended up scaring them off. Mangod was meanwhile doing smith things and Behesh was interacting with a Sauromancer. Sauromancers, incidentally, are way better at death magic than anything Ermor can field, and this one thought (accurately) that he was hot shit.

I found a cow, ate it, and went to sleep in a pond.

Behesh raised a bunch of skeletons at the behest of the Sauromancer, and took one for the fighting ring. Mangod made a skeleton out of iron (“Ulmish steel” he says) but lacked any means to animate it. The smiths whose forge he used didn’t seem to mind, since the forge had been in bad condition and he fixed it up a lot. This happened as Egalitus and Cadeyrn were wandering around telling people just how bad an idea it would be to attack Eldergate. And while they were still doing that, we convened at the arena. There was an epic fight between the skeleton and the iron skeleton. Mangod threw the iron skeleton on top of the animate skeleton, and the animate one struggled to get out from beneath it and onto the top of the iron one, thereby winning. It was heavily damaged in the process, allowing Mangod to claim victory by causing Behesh to lose face due to ridiculosity.

And then the undead attacked.


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