Direction again

We’ve returned to Arrentium, where we reported our kind-of success and pawned some stuff, and the helmet was manufactured. A sigil ring and a scroll, which we had found in the camp, convinced the commander of the second legion that the Emperor’s brother is alive, and he tasked us with bringing a message to him. On the way to pick up horses for the journey, we were accosted illithid-possessed people. The immediately mind-controlled me and made me stab Mangod. Predictably, I rolled very well for this. It was a one-time effect, but thereafter the battle was marred by poor connection on my part, Okor (Behesh, the effeminate necro-lizard) had to leave, and Paul (Cadeyrn, the Pyro-evangelist) disappeared. So, we left it for the week.


The following week, we fought a bit, and Egalitus of Eldregate was mind controlled and stabbed Behesh the Lizard thrice. I had to leave early, because holiday weekend festivities obliged me to manage some decidedly drunk individuals, after which I became decidedly drunk as well. In my absence, Twothought used the minotaur head to charge an illithid and utterly wreck him. The corpse bore some jewelry, and a magic book. I considered eating it, but a pale one’s digestive tract isn’t actually designed for the decadent meals of meat and other human food that I’ve been partaking of. These pages are covered in weird writing that would probably drive a man insane, so it makes more sense to use it for excretory hygiene. Behesh seems interested in it though.

After looking at the loot, we go to get horses and I get a cave drake. The arena guy who gave it to us wants us to bring him fancy critters and/or fight in his arena, but we decline, leave, and run into Nyxmantis. Thus ends the session.


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