After spending a long while throughout the week discussing exactly what wealth we had available to us and what options we might employ, we decided to try to kill Nyxmantis the black Centaur again, without buying any specialized gear or forming any particular strategy.

We began by investigating the ruins of the camp, which was rife with tracks. We quickly stumbled upon a minotaur, who clearly stated he was looking to find Nyx and kill him. Sensing a common interest, diplomacy was attempted, and came surprisingly close to success. Unfortunately, this minotaur was only marginally less of a dick than the centaur, and battle was soon joined. In a brilliant display of tactics, I ended up fighting the minotaur, dealing relatively low damage to him and taking his two attacks per round, while his satyr underlings freely danced about harassing our mages. A series of bad rolls signified that this would be a tough battle, and then Nyxmantis showed up. We ended the session with the majority of our party unconscious or badly injured.

In the second battle where this session took place, Lambert was merciful and, sensing the imminent TPK, fudged some action points, allowing healing to be sorted out. Rejuvenated, we wore down the minotaur, enraging the hell out of him, and I (previously knocked prone) stabbed him in the genitals from below. I was very successful in this, and the minotaur lost the ability to breed as well as his focus on the battle, though that had no mechanical effect. This achievement was made irrelevant soon after when the minotaur was decapitated. Him gone, diplomacy was attempted once more, and his satyrs agreed to help us slay Nyxmantis. Unfortunately, Nyx is a flighty being, and bailed. Neither we nor the satyrs could catch him, as we more or less gave up when he left our range (as we knew that we couldn’t match his speed), and the satyrs were blocked by his vine dogs.

After the escape of Nyxmantis, we searched and looted the place and found great wealth in assorted forms. The only one of particular interest was a magical spear, presumably a spear of sharpness. It has a +1 bonus and no other special quality, which I was given to understand was poor form in 4e. The numeric bonus is boring but handy, so I suppose this is fine from a practical perspective. We considered using our dosh to buy mounts, but also considered that the scrap iron which we found would be appropriate to start a small smithing business in the city, which would be a useful way to multiply our wealth before the dead get here.


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