It’s not a warcrime if they’re your own prisoners

We defeated those viney undead things and returned to the black centaur’s fortress. We killed a number of undead defenders, including satyrs and flying harpies, and engaged with the centaur, but he escaped once more. I found myself to be of little use due to slow movement, and wasn’t there for much of the second session during which this battle occurred, because while I’m theoretically off at our usual game time, things happen and people in their early twenties have strange and tumultuous lives which sometimes require the sage wisdom of a guy in his mid twenties. Anyway, we fought the fight and in the fray, the fort got lit on fire. Too late, we remembered there were innocent prisoners in there. We looted the enemies who had died outside of the fort, and got some magical trinkets, none of which ended up being mine (and thus none of which were very important) and thereafter we immediately left. Back in town, we reported our success but relayed the unfortunate fact that the centaur escaped. We did not mention the prisoners, which are surely not important. Also not important was the fact that our elf died in that fight. I buried him in a few feet of soil and someone took his ax. The elf is to be replaced by the guy who was in charge of the gatehouse in Eldergate, previously an NPC but now the character of the elf’s player.

The game ended with us getting paid, and the next session is scheduled to be a shopping trip although we apparently should decide what we want to buy ahead of time. I have not yet done this.


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