We huntin’

We met up, partially by chance, with the guard captain from before (Edit: It was actually a local commander). He invited us to his home, where we had a good dinner, recounted our tales, and generally passed a good time. Behesh didn’t come because he was doing necromancer things with the ghost. During the dinner conversation, we talked about the centaur from before, and discovered that there is a substantial bounty on him. For the sake of claiming the gold, and because our guard buddy wants it done, we agreed. We were given borrowing rights to the guard storehouse, where I claimed some javelins and other people claimed other stuff. The Ulmite now has ten hammers concealed about his person for some reason, and had a cheerful good time talking with a compatriot about news from home and the possible resurgence of Ulm.

We reunited with Behesh in the morning, and the elf and I went out to scout the centaur’s camp, which we found easily due to my skill with nature. There were satyrs around it, and we considered killing some but ended up leaving. However, some satyrs followed us, which we killed. It took an inordinately long time during which only two players were engaged.

There was a lot of discussion about dressing the lizard up as a damsel in distress and plenty of homoerotic undertones, but in the end we decided to just assault the place head-on. On the way back, we encountered some manikins including one that appears to be a dead giant atop a dead bear. Apparently this is the lieutenant of the centaur. We fought him for a bit before running out of time to play. I got all nice and line up, surrounded by enemies which I could keep busy and was going to damage them all with my encounter power, but then Behesh hit them with something that made them run away. At least I got one with an attack of opportunity, I guess.


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