Rotating cast, and the future

Turnop, player of the Ermorian Senator, was once again absent, so he’s pretty well out of the game at this point. Klaus, who hasn’t been super active, also wasn’t there. I don’t know if that’s official or what. But we got a new player. He came in as a friend of Jude, but I happened to already have been acquainted with him from several years ago, which is the sort of interesting coincidence that makes the world feel connected. We found him right away, too. After making peace with the crazy ghost mage last session, we heard some ranting an raving upstairs, so we went up them and found that the next floor was full of crazy mages too. One was just sitting there crying, which seems like an impractical thing to do. Another one decided to summon a lammashta, which was pure lunacy. A third mage got the hell out, which is probably the most sensible thing to do out of anyone in the tower.
The final mage was the new player character. He’s also crazy, but a crazy mage being discovered among crazy mages was apparently more or less a coincidence, because he was there to complain. He’s from the province that was once Marverni and will one day be Marignon, and he’s a fire mage that doesn’t approve of death magic. He quite violently doesn’t approve, in fact, and it seems that he feels the dead should all burn, which is a reasonable view to hold, given current events.

Anyway, our wise lizard necromancer failed to convince the foolish human necromancer to not summon a lammashta, so that happened and suddenly there was an ethereal undead angel about. The summoner did at least have enough control to prevent it from attack us, so it left, presumably to go lay waste to civilians. Being, apparently, a conscientous band of mercenaries and slaves, we went outside to see what we could do in favor of dealing with it. By the time we got outside though, the Lamashta was dead. A lictor killed it. One of the crazy mages mentioned that a censor and his squad of lictors had been dispatched, officially to run inspections but actually to receive bribes and then leave again, however these people were all undead. That may have been what possessed the fellow to summon a lammashta in the first place, I’m not actually entirely certain. But we encountered only one lictor, and that was enough. Lictors may seem only like pretty good units, when you’re playing Dominions. But from the perspective of typical units, they’re nightmares, and from the perspective of us first level heroes who are only slightly better than normal, one lictor was the greatest threat we have yet faced, even with NPC mage support. So a long fight happened. Being long was the main thing, really, although it dealt a lot of damage too. I had to use second wind, which is a bit annoying really, and I’m down several healing surges now. But I have a ton of them, so it all works out fine anyway. And we ended up taking it down reliably by the end of the session, which is nice, though there was little time for anything after. End results: the lictor’s axe has been looted, we all leveled up, and after the lictor was dealt with, the guard showed up to fight off remaining zombies and steal credit, so we might just leave them to it.


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