A ghost

We looted the corpse from last time and proceeded to the city without further random encounters. Nothing initially seemed to be wrong with the place.

Turnop, the player, remained absent and as a result Caius Aurelian, the character, has worsened in health. With his death possibly imminent, we began the session discussing possibilities for the future. Most minds turned to other forms of employ, though I personally would rather remain in the service of the Aurelian family. It’s a cushy gig. Our discourse was interrupted by mages and zombies falling from a nearby tower, so we rushed to investigate. Employing stealth, we snuck in without alerting the tenants, and found that there was a party with an augur and some zombies. Not wanting the zombie apocalypse to spread, we immediately attacked. We killed the zombies pretty easy, and the Augur too, but he got back up as a ghost which looked like this:
Unfortunately, his ranting and raving convinced someone or other to give diplomacy a go, and we quickly worked out that the people who fell dead from the tower probably weren’t related to the problems at Eldergate and were just Neophytes screwing up, which this ghost didn’t care about. He is clearly a lunatic, but it seems that we’re making friends with him for some reason.


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