A most mighty battle!

Turn Twenty-Six

I skipped a whole bunch of turns during which I was sieged. During that time, I continued to research desperately, while using my death gems to provide enough undead to slow the progress of Janvaldorf’s assailant forces. I’m now low on death gems, but I have finally met my research goal. It’s time to see if it’s enough. This turn, I’m scripting my army and directing them to break the siege. My army consists almost entirely of mages, and my magic is limited, but we’ll see how it goes.

Here’s my tactics:
maximum skelespam

I’m throwing in everything I’ve got, and there’s more skelespammers there than shown – nine of them. Still not that many, but it’s what I’ve got. The existing undead may have been summoned to bolster my defense in the siege, but here they’re a good ablative shield. The skeletons summoned in battle will fill that role after the first turns, but I need someone to catch the flying enemies before they get to my mages. Here’s what the enemy has got:
a lot
A lot more than what I have right now, and in quality as well as quantity. The presence of longdead is also worrisome, since he doesn’t have native death magic and I can’t really make any good assumptions about where they came from. He may have made one of his national demon commanders his prophet, which would be a reasonable choice for him to make, but it’s also possible he found some death indies. We’ll just have to see.

Turn Twenty-Seven

Here’s my forces:
final army
And here’s his:
final opposition
In addition to W9 effects, his bless now gives a bit of poison resistance due to a throne. That doesn’t really effect this battle, though.

As planned, my undead get his birds mucked up.
birds trappedThis is particularly notable because he’s paid a relatively high price to have his fear-causing birds here, and fear will be totally irrelevant against the undead.

By the time his hold-and-attack troops come forward, he’s done not that much damage. The damage he has done has been as a result of banish spam (which he has in relatively limited supply) rather than from actual attacks. The handful of abyssians I had, though, are spread out and unlikely to last long.
stuck in
My own hold-and-attack troops, a line of skeletons engineered to instill a consolidated formation on the ones summoned with Horde of Skeletons, moves forward in time to meet Janvaldorf’s non-flying troops.
lines meetCost for cost, I’m hurting him more than he’s hurting me. As long as this keeps up for a good long while, I’ll win. Before long the militia, who have terrible morale as militia always do, get sick of dying and leave. Unfortunately, because of the relatively small number of skelespammers I have, and the considerable rate at which they’re accruing fatigue, their skeleton generation rate is quickly outpaced by the enemy skeleton killing rate.
The deer riders fall upon my mages and slaughter several before the rest flee back into my citadel.
I’ve lost this battle. Although I inflicted heavy casualties (2465 gold cost, compared to the 1650 gold that I lost), this was my last ditch, and only a minor front for Janvaldorf (who is currently also invading Lieneck).
If I had waited until he assaulted my fort, I might have won, as he’d have been facing a chokepoint. The reason I didn’t was because I was worried that he’d bring in reinforcements before attacking – or he’d send a scout, see what I had going on, and prepare for it in some way. Since I lost, obviously waiting would have been the smarter option. Of course, the best choice would have been casting Twiceborn on all my mages, which would have let me do both, but I didn’t have the gems for that. At this point, there’s really nothing I can do to turn this around, my demise is inevitable.

Turn Thirty-One

Janvaldorf has breached my defenses.

Turn Thirty-Two

I have lost. Janvaldorf is also fighting to the north, alongside Posinia in an invasion of Lieneck, and there is war everywhere. It is a lively game, but I am a part of it no longer, my only consolation that I am not the first. Mina-san perished before I did.

In death, I have full access to score graphs.
final death
At least I lost to someone doing very well.

Some might blame a weak nation for a loss, but that’s not where the fault lies in this game. KyoAni lacks some magnificent overpowered gimmick option, but it’s really not that bad of a nation. The pricing is good by NatGen standards, and in particular it has cheap skelespammers, who would have been a great help in countering the bullshit of other nations. If I had gotten my shit in gear properly, my enemies would have run up against an indomitable wall of the dead. As it was, I did a ton more damage than I took, starting from when I researched HoS, it just wasn’t enough. The nation also had Abysian axemen who would have been great for expansion if I had utilized them properly instead of messing around with the sacreds. The spies were cool too even though I didn’t get much use out of that.
My loss also wasn’t really because of Janvaldorf being OP. He has some good options, but he didn’t hit me with anything I couldn’t have handled on more or less even footing if I’d had expansion comparable to his, even ignoring the possibility of skelespam, which I could conceivably have had around the start of year two, since that’s when the number one researcher in the game (Seor, at that time) hit the level of research that I ended with.

The reasons I did poorly are similar to what they usually are. I didn’t expand well, if I had used the abyssians I’d have done much better. That’s really my biggest problem. I also should have pretty much ignored the sacreds, even with the bless they weren’t worth much; I should have gone full scales. Ignoring the sacreds and using abyssians would also have let me get mages out of my capital since priests would have been unnecessary, meaning I could have gotten HoS out quicker. Finally, I should have defended that second fort properly.


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