Fighting for the last drop of blood

Turn Sixteen

So to start out the week, I staled like a tool. My schedule’s a bit different this week and I lost track of the time. And I’m in a bad place for it to happen, too. It totally threw off my raiding. I still have the turn though, so let’s look at what happened in it. Because something did happen, as I anticipated might, Janvaldorf pressed his advantage and attacked me. Here’s his army:lighter army
And here’s mine:oops
I uh, might have accidentally placed some dudes too close to my heated Abyssians.

My mercenaries run up to catch his arrows and blunt his infantry assault, though he’s not relying on infantry too heavily.
More importantly, they catch his birds.
every time
His fear birds and cavalry, though, are sent to the back.
good strategy tbh
A spirited melee ensues, with the birds joining in after they finish wiping out mercenaries.
reinforcements.As you can see, my troops got the worst of it. But they fight to the last man, or Abysian as the case may be, to no avail.

Turn Seventeen

Amusingly, the thrones of summer and winter were both claimed this turn, canceling each other out. Less amusingly, my raiding parties were eliminated and my capital was seiged this turn. Also, Lieneck is being opportunistic and took a province from me. Here’s what my would-be kingdom looks like now:

I now need to convert death gems into skeletons before the siege is successful. I still hold out hope of researching Horde of Skeletons, but to get there I’ll need some dead people to join in.

Turn Eighteen

And now I’m down to only my capital. This game will be boring for the next few turns.

Turns Nineteen through Twenty-five

I am under cap-siege and not yet ready to break it. Research continues apace, and I have tapped my store of death gems to employ summoned undead in repairing the walls, delaying the battle and helping me to get some research before fighting.


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