Another game, another pretender

My sacred is recruit-anywhere but solidly mediocre, which means its best used for something only sacreds are really good at: Discouraging evocation via blood vengeance. That said, he benefits from minor blesses too. Here’s his ublessed statline:
Note the price and resource cost. Some scales are a good idea. So, I’m going to tank the scales I can afford to, take a blood bless and some minors, but keep gold and resources high. I actually waffled a lot on what pretender to play. At first I was thinking a fairly heavy bless, perhaps tribless or two and a bit. Those ideas would allow me to take my relatively cheap sacred and get a lot for my money.

I even at one point considered a quadbless, though I knew it to be folly:

Unfortunately, while it’s fun to have a big bless, I need decent dominion strength and fairly good scales in order to actually recruit anything. In the end, I settled on a more moderate bless.

Is it wrong to name my pretender after my nation’s downfall? Well, that’s what I’ve done. The Two death scales help out my deathpower sacreds but are probably a bad idea anyway, on a 300-province map. I’m going to have to keep expanding or die. I’m choosing to do that in order to counter my usual tendency towards complacency, as much as any other reason.

I have longbowmen at 10 gold, 11 resources, which is quite spammable. So having the funds to spam is more important than tricking out my mediocre sacred. But what I have given him makes him a bit better of a line-holder, and with B9 he’s great once it gets to the midgame and I can really spam him, catching enemy evocations. We’ll see how well this turns out, but I think it’s a good start.

In terms of magic, Death’s where it’s currently at. I have D2S2 mages recruitable anywhere, and cap only D3 with three randoms and recruit anywhere D2 with one random, and those randoms can be death or astral so, I’ll have some D4 before boosters, up to D6 with them, but I have little access to anything else. Most importantly, I have D2 mages at 110 gold. That means I can spam Horde of Skeletons quite efficiently. That’s going to be my main strategy. Of course, it’s a pretty basic strategy and will be modified according to the specific situation, but in the general situation of this game, it’s quite good. Skelespam is pretty much a hard counter to powerful sacreds. They blunt themselves against my army and it’s very easy for me to summon skeletons faster than they can be killed. It’s a strategy that can be bypassed by the flying fear units and (to a lesser extend) flying awe units so I’ll need to set units to guard commanders in that situation. The other problem is Seor’s chariots, because they have trample and can therefore run right over my units to get to my mages. I’ll have to hope that they get distracted and don’t have a N9 bless, because I can’t rely on fatigue to take them out. Otherwise, I’ll need a totally different strategy for them. I don’t know what that is yet, but I’ll probably think of something before I meet them, right?


One comment on “Another game, another pretender

  1. I would have gone with death 3 luck 3. May as well go all the way there – you’ll not have many bad events with O3L3. And your sacreds will be murderers in D3 – 24 damage, 17 attack, 16 defense. Also, since your sacred power relates to death scales, I would have used that as a basis for a high dominion, possibly at the expense of a prod scale or one temp step (cold, to mess with seor sacreds?).


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