It’s over

The turn is 103 — Mid fall in year 9 of the ascension wars. The world was a war between Xibalba and Hinnom, but Xibalba has claimed victory by seizing my most deeply protected throne, and claiming all of the unclaimed thrones in his territory. He only had 12 points (of the 26 needed) claimed last turn, but he’s had most of them in his lands for a long time. Here’s the final map:
Besides those two, Therodos, Niefelheim, and Tíen Chí actively played to the end, but never really had any reasonable chance at victory since the midgame. This is down from an initial crop of 25 pretender gods. The first turn was on 10/11/15 — as I write this, the game is five months and 26 days old. I existed to the end only because Xibalba didn’t get around to some final housekeeping actions before taking the thrones needed to win. Here’s the final breakdown:

final graphs

I already did a post-game analysis back on turn 80 where I talked about my pretender, but obviously the biggest reason for my defeat was the fact that I staled for half the game. Which was in part because because the game wasn’t fun and also because I had a very full day at that point and sparing the effort for this was hindering me. But, at the end of the day, I lost the game, and my rolling over so easily gave Xibalba a win that at the very least should have been harder-fought.

Greek Debt

If all of the above was boring, here’s a fun little tale of Arcosephale, who spent half the game with one province, one unit, and one income.

So, that’s it for this game. Another one, hopefully more exciting, will be beginning shortly, so watch this space.


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