Some Actual Battles Finally

So, I’ve been trading provinces inefficiently with Xibalba and Hinnom. Now, however, Xibalba actually did something to move the game along a bit, by assaulting a fort.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t really expecting it since I’ve been kind of phoning this in, so uh, here’s what my formation looks like:amateurish

Those mages are unscripted, and are bathing in the toxic vapors of living mercury, which is not likely to benefit their health. At least the attackers are also nothing special.

an army apparently

Not sure why he thought that was worth attacking with, to be honest, but it’s something. My off-script mages start out by casting a load of buffs, mostly Ironskin, which is a good idea as the devils fly to the back lines, as soon as my units (who, being defenders, go first) rush forward.
well it worked
My mages cast plenty of banishment, a bit of blade wind, and one goes off in a phoenix pyre, then my army gets a chance to move, and turns around and wipes out every devil they manage to reach.

One more turn and it’s over, but I’ve lost mages for no good reason.
Eight Earth Readers are dead out of fifteen. There’s also two dead clockwork horrors (out of 150) which matters pretty much not at all.

So, I can defeat a small Xibalban army pretty easy, if I just put my mind to it. I’ve adjusted foramtions across the battlefield. Unfortunatelly, I’ve yet to face one of his big armies with the hundred or so blessed sacreds, and I’m running lower than every on gold and gems.

Turn Eighty-Seven

There’s gonna be a hell of a battle next turn.

Turn Eighty-eight

What I thought was going to be a big battle was actually small. Well, at least it gave me a chance to see my army in all its glory.
I think I’m going to use these fellows to go claim some Xibalban fortresses. After all, I can’t win without doing that. It’s possible that I can’t win at all, but I’m going to proceed as though it’s a remote possibility, the game’s a lot more fun when failure isn’t inevitable. And theoretically, it is still possible for me to win.

Other battles: Xibalba sieged a little fort that was at my border before I staled. He took out my olms but he used only one commander, and it was killed by the ancient lord there, causing his bats to rout.

Now let’s look at the proper fights. There’s two this time, some of Xibalba’s more substantial armies against some of mine. First, Darkmardr. Here’s what I’ve got:
not mightyIt’s a small party of basically chaff, but it’s the best kind of army I can make in any quantity at this point. He has a more respectable force:
belial2He’s sending me a unique summon, which means I’m at least earning some respect maybe I guess. It also means that Tíen Chí is just about out of armies, which he has also told me to be true. Anyway, let’s see what happens:
poor little white guy

Well anyway, on to the next fight.

Take a look just at my back line for a second:
I have two oracles and some earth readers. Is it great? Not totally. But I also have a nice smattering of olms. All in all, the back half of a good army. So let’s look at the front half:

fucking nothing
I uh

I may have sent them to the wrong province.

Anyway, here’s what Xibalba’s got:
There are three unique units here, two summons and a hero.
So at least I merit some cool stuff.

They pretty much just rolled right over me again though. Didn’t even finish their buff cycle.

Anyway here’s a message from someone who’s been taking my land:


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