Sticking in Their Maw

My death is inevitable, but I’m going to make it cost as much as I can. Skirmishes against Hinnom are picking up speed, a bit, and will probably do so more now that he has finished off Mictlan. The game itself isn’t picking up speed though. Someone complained vaguely about needing 48 hours, and the admin gave him a 48 hour extension. Turns out he wanted turn length to be extended to 48 hours. I’d rather it get reduced back to 24, but I seem to be pretty much alone in that. So, now I only rarely get to do as best I can to slow the game’s front-runners. Hinnom is very strong economically, because his trading shenanigans leveraged him huge amounts of astral pearls. He has now Arcane Nexus up, and it’s unlikely that anyone will be able to pull it down.

Where Hinnom is growing strong, Xibalba is growing weaker as the bulk of his force goes to fight Tíen Chí. Still strong though. With Astral Corruption gone though, and the apocalypse somewhat healed by growth scales, it’s possible to use things other than blood, and his hunted lands are weak from the massive amount of hunting he’s had to do to squeeze decent numbers of blood slaves out of them despite low populations. That means that gem-rich nations have an advantage against him, if only because his forces are small in reach. It remains to be seen, though, if in my weakened state I’m even close to a match for a late game blood nation – I’ve yet to fight a serious battle – and I very much doubt that I’m a match for Hinnom so it’s kinda moot.

Ah well, every man dies one day, and all but one player of every Dominions game is a loser. My goal now is to make my demise as drawn-out and painful (for them) as possible. Perhaps if I do so, fortunes will shift enough to give me a shot at victory.


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