Wait no not ded yet

Astral Corruption is dispelled. Hinnom has been working towards this by soliciting pearls. It’s not really in his particular interests to do this, but he skims pearls off the top and he wants them, he’s mentioned empowering casters to S9 which seems insane but honestly I could bring a few folks up to E9 pretty easily so whatever.

In the interests of at least making my death expensive, I’m using this opportunity to throw up Mechanical Militia. I’m hugely overcasting it, of course, but not enough that I can’t replace Earth Blood Deep Well if that’s what gets overwritten. I hope that I don’t overwrite Utterdark, since I have no way to replace it, but it’s probably next up on the chopping block anyway. I don’t actually know if Mechanical Militia is worth it, I’ve never cast it before, but if nothing else it’ll be interesting. With my capital in enemy hands, me funnest options for gem expenditure are unavailable anyway.

Oh, and my province losses to Xibalba have brought my income below upkeep again.

Turn 82

With Astral Corruption gone, there’s been a storm of globals. End result:

As I kind of expected, Earth Blood Deep Well is gone, so I’m gonna bring it back at maximum overcast. That brings me down from utterly insane amounts of earth gems to merely a large amount.

I’m also taking other gainful action to lower my gem amount: My research base has become a summoning base instead.

Turn 83

Well my summoning’s going fine, but as for globals…

In other news, take a look at what I killed with six points of PD today:
not sexy

For comparison, here’s the kind of thugs that the monkies are rolling with:


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