It’s turn 79, and I’m basically screwed by bats. Here’s my heartland:


The surface above that is all bats too, incidentally. The land that he’s taking now is comparatively less important; I’m already neutered by the cataclysms, astral corruption, and the loss of my capital and very many mages. I can’t win this game, and it is unlikely that Xibalba can win it. Tíen Chí is getting involved though, so maybe he can do something.

Post-Game Analysis

The game isn’t actually over yet, but eh.

The obvious mistake I made was my pretender. It was pretty much useless. It didn’t cost that much, so my scales were good, but I could have gotten a better deal even there with an ageless olm, and it would have been quite useful to have a late-game caster. What’s more, with my strong dominion, I could have used the Risen Oracle heavily and had Immortality save it in most cases even against stuff like Vecna. My expansion was kind of bad, but overall I don’t think that was my biggest failing, partly because I had other substantial advantages there; the tons of caves and general slow pace of this game were in my favor.

Anyway, there’s been a poll created to decide the winner of the game. It’ll continue regardless, since the admin isn’t around to close it out, but here’s the poll:

Note that by the usual metrics of victory and success, the winner is Xibalba.


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