From the Ashes

In addition to the game not being fun, I also had a ton of work to do. Luckily, the time that I didn’t play worked out to be almost exactly the time that I was fore-dating my blog posts, so the blog releases will continue uninterrupted.

Turn Seventy

The first and most obvious thing I notice that has changed is: Not much. Borders are pretty similar.
In fact, there hasn’t even been much player ablation:
all still hereNobody is defeated who wasn’t AI anyway, and the only one who went AI was Mictlan who was clearly losing when I was here last. I lost some provinces, but there was a gentleman’s agreement when Helheim was staling that we wouldn’t take his provinces, and it looks like that agreement held through most of my absence too. Not all the way through though. Hinnom is taking some caves, without much particular vigor, and there’s an army of storm demons from Xibalba in my cap ring. So those demons are going to have to be my first priority. Luckily, I have more gold income than upkeep somehow. Let’s look at those graphs:
graphs annotated

All in all, despite staling for like a month, I’m still doing reasonably well.

Turn Seventy-One

Doing reasonably well still means I’m losing if I’m up against the guy doing really well.

A bunch of blessed ozelotls, up against my nothing much. Without the ability to use my 3000+ gems, and with only a tiny pittance of gold (still way more than people in non-cave provinces) I can’t really hold my own against his prepared (albeit somewhat anemic) armies. Gonna try, but it’s pretty clear I’m not going to win. By thew way, I forgot yesterday but here’s the globals:
Illwinter and Stellar Focus were added in my absence. Illwinter is a blood spell, so it’s immune to Astral Corruption. Stellar Focus is astral, so I don’t know how it got cast. Utterdark doesn’t reach underground, so unlike everyone else, I do have SOME gold, but not enough to do much and Astral Corruption cuts me off from what I’m really good at. Illwinter hurts me more than it does most people, since Agarthans are cold-blooded and fight poorly in the cold. EBDW is useless in the current climate, and stellar focus doesn’t effect me at all.


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