Eternal Expansion

It’s the summer of year three, and nothing exciting is happening.

Turn Twenty-Nine

Well, the throne of beasts has apparently puttered out this turn, but as ti did so it dropped some of the worst news yet. There’s werewolves cutting off some new expansion for a total of about 300 gold per turn. The problem with these linear caves means it’s not too hard for that to happen, but I can at least alleviate it a bit by getting some more forts up.

Oh, and I found another province of death.
Unfortunately, that’s right in my path.

Turn Thirty-Two

Nothing of interest has been happening in my realm, so let’s talk about the general situation in the world at large. It is late fall in the third year of the ascension wars, and the world, to the extent that I know it, looks like this:

the world

Xibalba is big. They’re at war with Berytos, but Berytos has just gone AI, so this probably just means that Xibalba will expand a bit further, rather than being weakened by conflict. Pangaea is not that huge but substantial enough to be cause for alarm, especially since he’s got Mother Oak up now – the first global in the game. Tíen Chí is big and scary and fighting Lanka. In the southern caverns, there’s a lot of little enclaves there. Mictlan is almost a non-issue, but Xibalba is worrisome for reasons previously mentioned. Ulm isn’t a big deal because they’ve gone AI, and so should be easily destroyed by my normal expansion tactic.

I took that province from Lanka. I offered gems, he said he’d rather have the gold those gems would alchemize to. I told him I’ll pay him when I’m done alchemizing, but I really won’t. I want to keep my gold and my mage turns, and this should prevent him from retaliating against me. Unfortunately, he seems to have made a decent push back against Tíen Chí, and now controls his cap province and the mountains above the land I’ve taken, which means if he wants to force the issue, he COULD retaliate. It wouldn’t be wise unless he makes peace with Tíen Chí first, though, and he’s still beleaguered enough that I doubt he’ll be able to do that.

A lot of people have gone AI recently, but unfortunately nobody near me. Here’s the list:
end of year 3


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