Expansion continues. There were two interesting things that happened this turn. First of all, I finally liberated a throne that had been south of my capital this whole time.


That’s a level 2 throne, which will give me two temple checks and three nature gems each turn. It would boost my Life in my dominion, but I’m already at the maximum. At least if I find a throne of death or something, it’ll cancel that out.

That’s one of two things. As for the other, remember how a while ago someone said he was taking the southern caverns? Found him.


I knew he was somewhere around here, so I had been hoping to go through where he is, then two more southward, to cordon off that whole western bit (with Throne) for myself. Since that’s not possible, now I’m going west to the throne and maybe go around, and hope he’s not too far in here. Besides pushing my border up as much as I can, I have one major priority, which is to rush my biggest army on over and lock him out of the eastern underworld.


War is inevitable eventually, of course, but I’d like to be in as strong a situation as possible when it happens. If I can secure the east, I’ll have a lot more to work with.

Turn Twenty-Three

More of nothing much. This is going to be a long routine game, after all. The hero Lapis makes her way to the throne province I captured, to search it. But that’ll take five more turns because she’s searching all the way. A bunch of little parties head to the southern and eastern caverns. I debate where to throw up the next forts and temples and things. I need more temples to make sure my great scales get all over my great holdings, so far coverage is pretty lame and it’s resulting in less good things than I’d hope.
To that end, I’m sending an earth reader to Mush River, where he’ll build a lab, and I can then produce mage-priests there. Then he and some others will put up more temples.

Oh, and Pangaea completed a fort in Mounds of Dawn and began actually seizing the land he claimed turns ago. Should I go to war with him, the fort at Mounds of Dawn will be the primary target of my ground forces from Schwarzenbruin, but it doesn’t do much to dissuade me from coming up from below him in other places.

Turn Twenty-Four

This depends. The only non-mindless target will be the Neter of Kings, which is a pretender chassis. Even that will fall under enough mindblasts. But it’ll still take a lot of them, and until it goes down those mindless automatons will be causing me trouble. Assuming that’s the only commander, which he’s probably not, taking them out will win me the day. If there are other commanders, they’ll be next up to target, along with the ghouls, since the other units are mindless and thus not targetable for mindblast. But even in the best case scenario, those things will have some time to hammer away at my front line. And there’s a lot of them. To help with that, I’m recruiting chaff pale ones in Dol Ferras. And as I do so, Arturo is becoming a prophet, since I’ve been needing one anyway and it’d be nice to have some candles around here. Plus then he can actually claim the throne.

I’m sending an earth reader down this way too, incidentally, I’m going to start a new fort somewhere around here and get some temples going, and I have another one headed for the eastern caverns.

The only other thing of import: I sent a scout into the Crypt of Vecna.

Not as bad as I was expecting, considering it’s Vecna. I can probably beat this just by using a whole ton of olms. Yes, mindblast is MR-negates, but there’s not that many of them, and Vecna on has 3 HP. If I can take him out, the rest become a whole lot more manageable. With some H3 casters for banish spam on top of that (I’m diverting both the nearby H3 site-searchers) this fight is totally winnable in one go.

I sure am glad Kas wasn’t there.

Turn Twenty-Five

Good news.
Lanka may have blocked me off here, but he doesn’t actually have a very solid grasp on the south. There are ways around him, which I shall avail myself of, and once I make it around him there’ll be plenty to take. I’m working on that, but it’s just troops moving (although some of them are moving through indies) this turn. It’s also interesting to note that Tíen Chí is above this cave, meaning that as of right now, Lanka’s province is totally separate from anything else. This opens up a new option, that would normally not be viable, but in this case might be: Purchasing the province. When my army is lined up to take it within a few turns, I’ll make an offer, if nothing has changed.

And speaking of commerce, this public advertisement was published this turn:

Turn Twenty-Six

The Throne of Beasts was claimed, and caused trouble for some people. I lost one province to it, as well as one to normal random indies and one to this thing:
A silver sarcophagus was found there, and that thing immediately popped out. Luckily, it’s right in the path of my anti-vecna force, and he’s not mindless. So hopefully everything will be fine. We’ll find out next turn!

Here’s what my scouts showed of the Neter:
There’s three ghoul commanders, and they provide enough leadership for the undead present. They don’t provide any magical leadership though, so if I can take out the Neter (using Fire Large) that’s one less thing to worry about. Or two, the neter and claymen both. But a copious mess of undead is way less scary than a copious mess of dead led by a god. Of course, the commander there is now my prophet, so he can throw out some banish spam, and that’ll help with the undead.

Turn Twenty-Seven

The mummy went down without taking out a single casualty. I lost another province to dogs though, and worse, ti was the one next to Lanka where I was building a fort.


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