Yiffing with Pangaea

Got a fun message today:
Hey kid wanna yiff?
Not really sure what, if anything, he means by that. Maybe it’s a declaration of war, maybe he’s just trying to meme me. I’m about to do something dickish to him, by the way. Take a look at this:
get rekt
A few units, they’ll be easy targets for my olms. They’re pretty potent though, take a look at what Pangaea had to say:
I also had scouts there, of course. They spammed phantasmal army and ghost wolves, while Pangaea fielded a pretty much conventional army. I have olms so it should be comparatively easy to wipe out these mages through the power of mindblast spam. Since the phatasms are mindless, the olms should have only the mages as valid targets. A ton of pale ones will die for this province, though.

Oh, all my expansion parties succeeded this turn, by the way. Not a single casualty. So I’m up to 16 provinces by turn 15, which is kinda pathetic. I’m ramping up a bit though.

Diplomatic Interlude

So, in addition to mucking about in bungled expansion, I’ve been mucking about with bungled diplomacy.
So I let Xibalba know I’m worried about him. Hopefully point out his massive size helps turn people against him, but it might not be worth letting him on to how worried I am. Note, his response was almost certainly made to let me know that he knows who posted it. It was a pretty easy logical jump on his part though.

Worse, it seems to have provoked the inverse reaction.
uh yeah
Not sure how anyone didn’t realize that there was a ton of caves already, but it’s stirring up trouble for me anyway. And I’m not skilled enough to be everyone’s nemesis and win, even if I do have a massive advantage of being underground.

This is probably true. At least someone pointed out that it may be Xibalba. That takes heat off of me. But I think he’s telling the truth about being in the southern cave, and it’s definitely true that I won’t be getting there for a while.

Also, Pangaea noticed something I did last turn and somebody decided to stir the pot. Maybe Xibalba, but more likely just some wayward jester.


Pangaea fell for it hook line and sinker, bless his heart.

I tried to put out fires, but I don’t expect to gain much by it.

not gonna work

Note, the third response is to someone asking about if the BigBlogClub blogs would ever be finished, besides min and Wizzargh’s. The rest are all shown above. Being cavalier about hardship but firm about my rights is probably the best way to go about this. That said, I’m suspecting I might have done the same thing wrong as Hitler: Let my idealistic idea of what should be overshadow the diplomatic reality of what can be.

Turn Sixteen

I’ve been showered with luck this turn.
Plus, my pretender is finally awake.

There was a bad event, but it dropped indies into the same province that had my new air mages, so it doesn’t matter. Other than that, I’m just moving armies around in anticipation of war with Pangaea.

Turn Seventeen

He is so buttmad.

I would rather have the drop on him though. So I’m going to see what I can do. Hopefully I can at least delay things a bit.


This is a ruse. I have cave access to his heartland, and I want to send a nice big army straight to his capital. But first, I want to research both Summon Earthpower, and Blade Wind, which will tear his unarmored shit to ribbons. Unfortunately, I neglected research in favor of bringing my earth serpent back, so need a bit of catch-up. He doesn’t want to take Schwarzenbruin, where I have a fortress under construction. He can get there in three turns, but he was setting that province as the proposed border in the first place. If he’s sincere (possible, he seems quite naïve) then this is just haggling – but still allows him to flex his bravado. If not, he’ll likely readily agree to it, hoping that I’ll consider the danger passed, and not rally my forces to meet his. Either way, he’s too unpredictable to let live, especially since I can hit him pretty hard before too long.

Other than that, the turn is basically just continued expansion and site searching. Not too exciting. I finally lost my initial prophet though, the tritons of Lake Quag proved too fierce for his battered forces.

Turn Nineteen

This is an acceptable deal to me. I’m reasonably certain I could take Pangaea, bet I’m also 100% certain that a war would be costly, and I don’t think Pangaea is really a major threat. This deal is worth peace, since the main thing he’s costing me is momentum, which I’d lose far more of in a war. What’s more, I think he’s honest. This is the kind of bartering used by a man who talks true, and he accompanied it by an insult in a separate message – the behavior of someone hoping to cow an enemy into accepting a deal, rather than the honeyed words of a deceiver. So there’s no war for the foreseeable future, I have better things to do. I’m going to prepare for imminent war anyway, though, since that’s something you should really always be doing in this game.

I also discovered something very important:
If you don’t know anything about D&D, Vecna is a super powerful undead mage – the most powerful – who eventually becomes a god. Presumably, this is going to be a throne-tier province with powerful death magic. I want it, but I’m not going to get it in the foreseeable future. I’ll send a scout to check it out soonish.

Turn Twenty-One

Nothing too exciting lately. I got an astral mage by random event today, so that’s one more type of thing I’m searching, and I found some magic sites. I also made it to the southern cavern section, which is kinda cool, but really just more expansion. And that’s pretty much it. Let’s take a moment to look at the future, though.

local zone

My aboveground expansion is hindered by Pangaea being more trouble than he’s worth to conquer, and the northern Underworld is pretty much all mine now. Hopefully this leads to a new era of stability and prosperity as my scales and dominion spread, raising income and population. I’m also going to continue expanding into the other cave systems.


In addition to what I have now, I plan to take all of the caverns. Caves belong to Agartha because that’s just how it works, and if someone contests me on that, it’ll be war. There’s also some lakes and a bay, which I can access via the caves, and which have very nice chokepoints. I have a ways to go before I get there, but the only underwater nation is R’lyeh, and the main other amphibious nation is Fomoria, so as long as neither of them made it in (and nobody’s trying something cheeky) that territory could well be available to me. If so, of course, I’m going for it. But it’ll take me a dozen turns at least to get there.


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