No Brakes

Turn Fifty

Everything went as planned. I should be ready to move my new reinforcing army out of my capital next turn, and I’ve got a good gold income finally. I can’t really make an army in Swamp of the Caul, because there’s no temple and my good stuff needs those (and it’s not underground so no olms) but it does give me some gold. I’m recruiting another little nature mage to go here and turn gems into wolves, so that if Yomi tries to siege it, he won’t be able to tear the walls down in a timely fashion, but other than that I’m not yet doing much with this prize, such as it is.

Turn Fifty-One

Somehow a limping crippled earth reader appeared in Swamp of the Caul. I don’t understand. Did I leave him behind when the army moved out somehow? I was tired when I did that turn, but still, they were all grouped so it seems unlikely. Did the one that died in battle come back to life somehow? That’d be even weirder. Regardless, it seems like the perfect opportunity to build a temple. I’ll do what I can to preserve it better this time.

Sinkhole was retaken by Sea Dogs, which is rather disgusting. My army that went there has other places to go, so I’m not retaking it right away.

Now, the future. Yomi has assembled another fearsome army! Kinda… If the last one didn’t work, I don’t know what he thinks this is gonna do.


Turn Fifty-Two


My army is worn down only a bit from previous engagements and overall is still pretty impressive. Yomi has hordes of demons, mostly the cheaper sorts. Nothing stands out aside from the fact that he has a horticulturalist and frogs here.


We both go into a buff cycle then his ranged stuff ranges at me and his chaff runs up. That chaff eats most of my evocation and stuff, and my elementals are actually taking some damage from his ranged attacks.


The chaff is chewed through fast, and his shikome, actually decent troops, advance. Unfortunately, the ranged barrage has been taking a toll on my elementals, some are rather poorly off at this point. A lot of my troops are also decaying, they’re aging fast and are likely to die of old age during battle. It’s an effective way to punish me for making battles longer to play to my strengths, and I don’t like it.


The children of magma have moved up and the whole battlefield’s a hot mess. Lots of deaths on both sides, though the ones on my side hurt more.

Well, the onis do eventually break and run, but the losses on my side make this not such a great victory to me.


Well, he lost plenty, but he can bounce back a lot easier than I can.

Anyway, let’s look at the overall situation a bit:


So. There’s a big army to my north at the Mountain of Judgement. There’s also a big army coming through the Birth of the Brother, presumably to reconquer Swamp of the Caul but maybe to go for my capital again now that my pretender and mages aren’t there. I probably can’t beat either of those armies with anything nearby, and neither of the armies nearby can get to Swamp of the Caul fast enough, meaning I’ll probably lose it. I’m gonna go balls out and try to do something useful, but… Well, we’ll see if anything happens. To my north, Machaka has been pushed back by Abysia, meaning my previous inclination to get him as an ally, so far thwarted by never being online at the same time, isn’t that relevant.

But hey, everyone has problems right? Let’s just take a peak at what Lanka’s been up to this turn:


The results


Well, I’m only slightly less of an underdog and Lanka’s looking like a clear winner.


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