Hard Times


I am beset on all sides. My defeat seems inevitable.

Turn Thirty-nine

Berytos is indeed arrayed against me. Perhaps he hopes to take my capital before Yomi does; I suppose he thinks his vampires make him well-defended despite ongoing wars with neighbors. Or perhaps he’s arranged a truce. Thing is, I’m pretty sure I can beat that army. So… we’ll see what happens. I’m bringing armies back to the capital. The Siege is progressing apace at the Mountain of Judgement, and other than that, nothing is going on. I have too little by way of available forces to run multiple errands at once.

Turn Forty

Yomi has defeated the army sieging the Mountain of Judgement.


There’s basically nothing that army can do now but run around in Yomi’s backcountry and hope not to get wiped out to a man, or defeated with nowhere to flee to. I hope to return Lapis to my territory somehow some time, but she’s got a while before it becomes viable.

Berytos has stopped advancing and pulled his forces away instead, but a great big Yomi army is poised to besiege Agartha.


I definitely need everything I can get at my capital, but I suspect I may actually be able to win this. I’ll have less than fifty olms but I’ll have a lot of summoned troops. Let’s just see what happens.

Turn Forty-one

Yep, Yomi is sieging me. We’re in for a long haul, because I’m going to try to summon more units and maybe (just maybe!) research Earth Maws before fighting his army. Nothing else of interest happened and we’re infor a bit of a wait.

Turn Forty-two

Lapis and her party of raiders were finally defeated. It was probably inevitable. I’ve also run out of money for upkeep. I’m not hiring more units, and very soon I’ll break siege.

Turn Forty-Three

Lanka took my last water province. It hardly matters, with my capital under siege and the land between me and it claimed by Berytos, I wasn’t getting anything from it anyway. I’m running low on gems, but the turn after next I should have the research to cast Maws of the Earth, and that’s what I’m waiting for.

Turn Forty-Four

Next turn…
My fort’s been holding well by the way, I have a lot of good units in it and it (being my capital) is a strong fortress so this is to be expected, but if he’d broken my walls this fight would have happened a while ago and I’d have been a lot less likely to win it.

Turn Forty-Five

Finally time to attack. In a bit of an oversight, I don’t actually have the gems needed to spam maws of the earth quite as hard as I’d like. Oh well, it’ll either be fine or it won’t. Time to see what happens. Here’s my tactics.


The Engravers are going with Earth Might largely just because I don’t know what else to have them do. Here’s hoping we win this.

A Retrospective from Death’s Door

I’ve almost lost there. If I win this battle, it’ll be because I poured all my resources into that fight, and I had a bunch of gems sitting around, and Agartha is a nation with very good uses for half the gems in the game. So why did things get so bad? There’s a couple reasons but they all boil down to one thing. I’m significantly better at tactics than at strategy. You may have noticed I tend to win battles I plan to win, and to have a pretty good idea of how a battle will go before it happens. Dominions makes combat complicated enough to be fun, but it’s still simpler than strategic-level war. You can either win or lose, and your goal is to hurt the enemy as much as possible. It’s a matter of evaluating your tools and using them to effectively attain your goals, and that’s something I’m good at. Strategy isn’t so simple, because there’s not a clear black and white win/lose dichotomy. Every action will improve your position to some degree in some way and worsen it to some degree in a different way. Some of these are obvious – expend resources to get troops (or whatever) and increase current power in lieu of future flexibility. If you need the power, it’s worth it. But a lot of things are less clear, and those judgement calls aren’t my strength in the same way that tactics are. Part of that’s because I’m relatively inexperienced – I’ve been playing for a while but I never played that heavily and at the most, I still play less games in a year than some play in a season. But it may also be a case of personal strengths.

My expansion also wasn’t very good. I knew that it wouldn’t be when I started – my pretender is built for scales and bless, and Agartha’s native expansion is decent at best. I figured it would be good enough, that I’d get through the early game okay and be ready for a thunderous midgame. But it relied on luck, and I didn’t get that. I wasted time in the east with Berytos, I had my excellent cave provinces blocked off, and I was subjected to an early war by Yomi (who did prioritize expansion), preventing me from building up and leveraging what I needed.

When the war started, I wound up faffing about uselessly fighting over the same handful of provinces. I should have accepted some more losses and sent my army deeper sooner. I also shouldn’t have split my army at that one critical point. I’m gonna rectify that now with a capital rush and send other new armies to come behind and make up the difference. But those armies are basically just raiders, albeit raiders in my own damn lands and behind a bigger army so he can’t retake stuff very easily without diverting resources away from fort defense. Probably, in theory. This might end up being another poor judgement call, but we’ll see when we get there.

On the eve

It is Winter of Year 4.

As expected, I’m worst off of everyone. On the other hand, Abysia and Berytos, my immediate neighbors, after Yomi, both look to be doing somewhat poorly as well. That means if I beat Yomi and take his lands (and do it before the situation changes) I’ll be well situated to become very powerful. Fingers crossed, right?


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